Simple Scaled Agile

Keep growing with minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB)

Agile at the team level is good, but not good enough, especially in growing companies. As you grow, you need better synchronization, visibility, planning, and control systems.

Twenty years with tech-based companies and comprehensive know-how of the Spotify Model and SAFe allow us to implement highly effective Scaled Agile.

Simple Scaled Agile is based on six elements:

  • Minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB): Avoid chaos with Simple process, communication, and visibility.
  • Highly effective teams: Agile, focused, engaged, and aligned with company strategy and goals.
  • Data driven management: Tools and managerial control system including dashboard and KPIs allow managers to intercede just where needed.
  • Leadership: Training for all management levels.
  • Planning capabilities: Aggressive but realistic planning based on capacity and other constraints.
  • Pushing innovation: Shorter time to market for valuable features and products.
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