Management Tools
& Executive Control

Data-driven management for higher performance.

Much higher performance through data-driven management and simple tools

In our hyperactive world, managers need to embrace data-driven management.
If you face a lack of visibility, difficulties in planning, tracking
progress, getting efficient resource usage, or low use of tools and their
advanced features, we have Simple solutions for you:

  • Promote wide acceptance to drive collaboration, increase visibility, and facilitate planning and tracking.
  • Deep implementation of Jira, Azure DevOps (TFS), or Monday for the team level.
  • Implementation of Smartsheet to plan and monitor roadmap, projects, and portfolios.
  • Building executive dashboards, KPIs, and data analysis using Power BI.


Smartsheet is a world-leading project management tool.
It has all the needed features – planning, tracking, resource management,
portfolio management, dashboard, workflow,
and much more. Smartsheet is user-friendly, flexible,
and scalable. No wonder Smartsheet already has millions
of users, and 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using it.

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