What we offer is simple:

Get your product to the market 

faster and on time

Release your next product version with a shorter TTM and right on time, using smart planning, agile execution and simple control.

We implement Agile process, Tools (Jira, Smartsheet), Executive control system and we supply PMO services.

We also have special expertise in healthcare organizations. 



We believe simple is
a key success factor
for success

Since 2002, customers call us when they want to accelerate their TIME TO MARKET and to improve their business results. The challenge, many firms are facing is that their current process, structure and tools can’t keep pace with market requirements. Larger organization, larger challenge

Simple assist tech-based organizations to simplified their process, to get more from their management tools, to create fast information flow, to create predictability, to manage complex projects and to establish mid-level leadership. We assist them to be. FAST. AGILE. SIMPLE.

Our main service is Agile PMO.

Our customer list includes corporates such as Dell, AT&T, ELBIT and Bank Hapoalim, Government ministries, SMB’s and a lot of startups.

Beside tech-based organizations ,we have also, special expertise in healthcare organization

" There is never any justification for things
being complex when they could be simple "

Edward de Bono



Agile PMO

For those who want to drive faster

Agile PMO service is our “all inclusive” solution.
We design and implement:


We are working with our customers for a long period in order to achieve deep implementation.

Project Management

Ensure successful strategic projects

We assist our customers to manage their strategic projects.

We are doing it by providing professional project management. It can be done by assignment of project leader and / or by operating PMO (Project Management Office) for the project.

The PMO is responsible for planning control, Sub-contractor management, risk management, budget management and most importantly – to break blockers and to accelerate the project.
Usually we are using Smartsheet as a supportive tool.


Simple tools for higher productivity

Management tool are a key success factor in order to achieve realistic and efficient resource usage, shorter time to market and ability to react to changes. We implement simple tools, that drive collaboration, visibility and allow planning and tracking.

We implement three tools according to customer needs:
Jira – mainly for Scrum team level
Smartsheet – SaaS tool that enables you to plan and monitor roadmap, projects and portfolio.
PowerBI – allow us to operate managerial dashboard and to analyze data and KPI’s from Jira, Smartsheet and other tools.


Understanding the complexity creates simple solutions

The healthcare system is facing tough challenges regarding budget and patient demand.
Simple has a deep understanding of the Israeli healthcare system. Our understanding and experience allow us to implement simple solutions that achieve high performance. We have many healthcare customers including the Ministry of Health, Sheba medical center, Healthcare Israel, Maccabi healthcare services, Sarel and more

" Life is really simple, but we insist
on making it complicated "








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" You have to work hard to make it simple
But it's worth it "

Steve Jobs

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